Pro Sharpening Kit

Pro Sharpening Kit

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This set will include everything you'll need to get started on your sharpening journey!

Each set will include:

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Each stone measures 210mm x 74mm x 29mm

A Cerax 320  : A coarse grit thats great to start a really dull knife, set your angles, thin bevels, and work out chippy edges. A fast cutting stone that works up a quick slurry and leaves a high contrast finish on the bevels between core steel and cladding, with a little extra time and technique you can get surprisingly good finishes and edges if you figure out the hand pressure and the feedback is much better than the coarser stones like a 220 or 320 but if you've been taking good care of your knives a 700 is coarse enough and it'll be less work to work the scratches when moving to the next stone

A Cerax 1000 : This is the most versatile stone in our opinion. You can do a lot of work on this stone without too much extra effort, but it can also take a knife to a shaving sharp edge. 1000 is still in the territory of fast cutting and this stone also works up a quick slurry and has a great feedback. While that slurry is great for your edge and bevel, remember to flatten this stone quite often when thinning. We also love the white colour of this stone because it makes it very obvious where you're doing most of your work and its really easy to see your low spots when flattening without drawing a grid.

A Suehiro 5000 : The last stone in this progression is a 5000 which will give you hair popping sharpness, and a near mirror polish. Higher grit stones in the 5-8k range will leave a more noticeable difference on powdered stainlesses and carbon, while they still work on traditional stainlesses I feel as if its just a higher level of polish and not so noticeable during use. 

An Atoma 140 : This is to be used to make sure your stone is flat which is a very important step to properly sharpening a knife. If your stone isn't flat you'll never get a proper, consistent edge. We recommend using the truing stone between every knife you sharpen. The Atoma is the grand daddy of flattening stones. The cutting face is replaceable, it will always remain true as its on a solid metal backing, and it will never develop a rut from fixing tips or damage saving you lots of time. When used for strictly flattening they last almost indefinetely however when doing tip repair you can pull out some of the diamond grit so try not to do it all right in the middle of the plate!

A Leather Strop : This is the hands down the best tool to finish refining your edge on. Not only will a leather strop take your edge from sharper to sharpest, it will also help smooth out any inconsistencies left from uneven hand pressure on your last stone and give the length of the edge a beautiful shine.

Due to a shortage from our supplier we made these strops in house. While they are completely functional we are not happy enough with our fit and finish to sell these so they are being thrown in free on top of the discounted bundle!

A Naniwa Stone Holder : A heavy duty adjustable holder that will keep your stones from slipping around and adjust to any other stones you already have or will have.

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