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It's November so the Summer is right around the corner!! Get the BBQ lover in your family ready to start grilling as soon as the nice weather hits. This bundle we've put together is a low maintenance, high performance BBQ Bundle with everything you'll need to butcher a whole brisket, separate ribs, and spatchcock chickens for the grill or smoker, and a honing rod to keep things razor sharp before you slice them! Oh, and a sweet way for him to display his new toys.

The knives in this kit are stainless steel so you don't have to worry about rust or discolouration and they are suitable for both right and left handed users.

Follow the links for more info on the individual products below!

Ittetsu Tsuchime 150mm Honesuki : Used to butcher chickens and other poultry, debone larger pieces of meat like pork shoulder and great for taking the silver skin off tenderloins among many other great uses. 

Ittetsu Tsuchime 240mm Gyuto : The Japanese equivalent to a standard western style chef's knife this knife will easily handle all your vegetable chopping needs; easily handling larger and smaller vegetables. It will also help with all your slicing needs. 

Kitchen Shears

Honing Rod

Walnut Mag Strip

customers love their sharp knife