Nigara Hamono Anmon R2 Honesuki 150 mm

Blade Length  150 mm
Total Length  280 mm
Steel  R2
Handle  Rose wood
Ferrule Pakka wood
Rockwell 64
Height Spine to heel  40 mm
Width at Spine  2.5 mm
Weight  104 grams


Nigara Hamono received official Appointment (designation of excellence in craftsmanship) by the Tsugaru Clan more than 350 years ago for their work making katana. The blacksmith techniques developed at that time have been passed down through the generations and to this day the utmost attention and care is taken when making each knife. Located in the northern town of Hirosaki, Nigara Hamono developed The “Anmon” design which was inspired by the rippling water of the Anmon Waterfalls, cascading from the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains adjacent to the city of Hirosaki. 

Great for breaking down chicken, rabbits and any other poultry or small game. Great for any butchery task really and is the Japanese version of a boning knife. The aggresively shaped tip helps the user easily get between bones and joints. R2 steel provides great edge retention with easy maintenance and won't rust.

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