Notonen Konro BBQ Medium

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They're Here! Just in time for Grill season this summer. We are super proud to be stocking these incredible, handmade konro grills, made in the most traditional method from diatomaceous Earth. Watch the video linked below to see just how craftsmanship goes into the making of each one of these grills.

These grills are great to be used as a as the centre piece of the dinner table, set up on your balcony (depending on your bylaws!), to the beach to cook up your days catch or to the park for a date night! Small but mighty hot, this grill may not fit that 3lbs ribeye, but will be more suited for yakitori, small fish, shellfish and other small bites! The medium and large grills both have two separate pits with controllable air flow to better control cook temps and divide the grill into a cooking/searing station!

*All Notonen grills need to be burned off before their first use. Burn charcoal until cream paint on the interior fades away and the pale orange diatomaceous earth appears.

* Don't wash directly in water, wipe stains away with a well rung out damp rag.

* Always use charcoal in a well ventilated area or outdoors.

* Use on a heat resistant surface as the bottom of the grill and all metal surfaces can get hot. 

Dimensions :  12 1/2" length x 7 1/4" width x 6 1/4 depth.  3 3/4" depth inside

Follow the link to see how these grills are made!

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