Suehiro Cerax #3000

$93.45 $109.95

This is a fantastic stone for daily maintenance of your knives. Use it to hone your knives as frequently as possible to keep your edges razor sharp and also in your sharpening progression to bridge the gap between a #1000 and #5000 grit stone. 

Suehiro's Cerax line of stones are one of the most reputable synthetic stones available. They have wonderful feed back, Develop a beautiful slurry, cut fast, stay flat a long time  and they're effective with any type of steel; what more can we say. We use the Cerax line to sharpen all the knives that come into the shop to be sharpened and we love them. Included is a plastic base with rubber feet that will keep the stone from sliding around on what ever surface you're working on and a Nagura stone (dressing stone) which will help pull steel out of the stone as it gets clogged up.

For best results soak your stone in room temperature water for 10-15 minutes before use or until the stone stops bubbling and water pools on top of the stone.

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