Sugimoto Yo-Deba 210 mm

$284.95 $449.95
Blade Length 210 mm
Total Length 350 mm
Steel Shirogami (white)/CM
Handle Pakka wood
Ferrule Welded Steel
Rockwell 61-62
Height Spine to heel 56 mm
Width at Spine 4.8 mm


Deba are designed to break down fish. A thick and hefty blade allows the user to go through small bones without causing damage to the blade. This particular Deba has a western style handle on it making it ideal for someone who likes the weight and feel of a deba but not the traditional Japanese handle. 


Sugimoto Hamono has been making western style Japanese knives since just after the second world war and currently operate out of their shop in the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo, Japan.

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