Etsu Knife

Tosaichi Shadow Nakiri 165 mm (Custom Handle)

Blade Length  165 mm
Steel  Aogami Super Stainless Clad
Rockwell  62-63
Height Spine to Heel  50 mm
Width at spine 1.8 mm
Handle Material 
Ferrule Sapele
Handle Buckeye Maple
End Cap/Spacer Cocobolo

Located in Tosa city, Japan these knives are forged for us by a group of blacksmiths over seen by head blacksmith Suzuki-san. The history of Tosaichi Hamono can be traced back 800 years and is rooted in traditional forging techniques developed over the centuries coupled with new age techniques that make for some really beautiful knives at affordable prices. They work with a wide variety of steels which allows them to offer knives that are suitable for many people. Knives from the Tosaichi Shadow line are balanced forward but are overall quite light. They are thin at the spine and come quite thin behind the edge for a great cutting feel. 

The Santoku shape is very versatile and great for almost any cutting task. The word translates to Three virtue's which refers to, depending on who you talk to, either slicing, dicing and chopping or meat, fish and vegetables -  basically the name attempts to bring light to its extreme versatility. If you're looking for that one knife that can do it all, the Santoku is a great option.

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