Hasegawa Pro-PE Lite Black Cutting Board

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X-Small (360 x 200 x 18 mm)
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Product Information

Hasegawa makes some of the best cutting boards you can get for the life of your edge. The soft rubber surface is gentle on your knives and gives a grippy surface so your product doesn't slide around for maximum precision, not to mention they are much quieter.

This luxurious Black FPEL Series from Hasegawa is lighter and slightly firmer than their regular line. The wooden core combined with the anti-bacterial Polyethylene exterior surface makes for a rigid board with easy cleaning and maintenance. Hasegawa's patented design is favoured amongst high-end restaurants for it's showcase like appeal, and practical function, as the boards surface is super gentle on your edge. 

The sensation of cutting on a Hasegawa board is far grippier than a traditional wooden board, as it is designed for more delicate work, such as slicing sashimi. The texture allows for ultra precise cuts, as your ingredients will not slide off the board so easily. Great for veg, fish, any kind of fruits and protein! 

Dishwasher and Bleach safe. Re-surface with the Hasegawa board scraper as needed. 

Dimensions (available in two sizes):

X-Small: (L: 360 mm x W: 200 mm x H: 18 mm)

Small: (L: 460 mm x W: 260 mm x H: 18 mm)

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