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Types of Knives and what they're for

Five most Common Japanese knife styles in Western Kitchens In my experience the most widely used styles of Japanese knives in western kitchens are the Petty, Nakiri, Santoku, Gyuto and Sujihiki. There are far more styles than this, but they tend to be less versatile which makes them less popular. Petty Knife Petty knives range in size from 80 mm up to 160 mm and are used as a general-purpose knife geared more towards smaller tasks like brunoised garlic and onion. They also function great as a butchery knife; chickens and other poultry, rabbits and other small game are all well within its capabilities. They are incredibly handy for professional cooks who need a versatile knife when they’re on-line during...

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How to Choose a knife

You're interested in purchasing your first Japanese knife but have no idea where to start. Answer the following questions to help yourself better understand your needs.

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