Knife Sharpening 2

All Knives are welcome!


Whether you purchased a Japanese knife here at Sharp, or elsewhere, we're happy to help! Simply bring your knives in any time during our regular store hours (no need to make an appointment) and we guarantee your knives will be ready to pick up the next business day.


*kitchen knives only, no serrated edges.



Knife Sharpening and Repair Rates


Every knife that comes in to the shop will be sharpened by hand using a progression of whetstones ranging anywhere from #120-#8000. The finishing grit will be chosen depending on the steel and geometry of your knives to provide you with the best performing, longest lasting edge we can achieve!



Sharpening Rates

 + $5 for wide double bevel

+ $10 fee for dirty knives (please don’t be that person)



< 120mm




210mm +


Single Bevel 




Repair Rates 


Repairs are priced per job starting as low as $5 for a minor chip or broken tip! Prices will vary depending on the time and materials used.

We offer the following services:


Chips, broken tips, reprofiling, rust removal, resurfacing, Japanese handle repair or replacement, bend and warp correcting, major thinning, bolster reduction, spine and choil smoothing, forced patina/ etching




Mail-In Services


Please email us ( for further instructions before sending in any mail-in sharpening.

We offer all sharpening services through mail-in. Shipping to be paid by customer.