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    All Knives are welcome!

    Whether you purchased a Japanese knife in store, or you're hoping to get your old European knives performing like new again, we're happy to help. Simply bring your knives in anytime during or regular store hours (no need to make an appointment) and we guarantee your knives will be ready to pick up the next day. If you're interested in same day 


    Knife Sharpening and Repair Rates

    Every knife that comes into the shop gets sharpened by hand on a series of whetstones. We start on a 220 grit stone and finish on a 4000 grit stone for European knives. High carbon knives are sharpened on a 400 grit stone and polished all the way to a 10,000 grit stone for a silky smooth edge.

    Sharpening Rates

      Size                              Price

    5" or less                                      $6

      6" - 10"                                          $10

      10" plus                                        $15



    Repair Rates

    Chips, tipped, re-profiling... As repairs can vary greatly we cannot guarantee a set price. With that said, basic repairs will not exceed $20 a knife.

    Have an old knife you're looking to get refurbished? Bring it in for an assessment! We'll fix the handle, polish the blade and bring that old rusty knife back to life. Prices vary based on the condition of the knife and the materials used for the new handle.