Charcoal Chimney

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Now, we're not saying you need a chimney to start your charcoal. But it will certainly make your life a whole lot easier. These chimneys are made out of steel and can withstand the high temps that your charcoal will reach while you prep it for your grill, and the wire handles stay cool while doing it. With two tight fitting lids on either end they'll keep the mess inside so you can confidently store it in the closet, or throw it in the car for your next outing. These are also great for extinguishing your charcoal when you're finished so you can use it again and again. By putting your hot charcoal back into the chimney after cooking and securing both lids to the chimney you'll suffocate it and cause it to extinguish.

Product Dimensions:

Weight: 2.2 lbs  (974 grams) 

Height : 10.25 inches (26 cms)

Width : 6 inches (15 cms)


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