Shigeki Tanaka Kurouchi Gyuto 180 mm

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Product Information

Blade Length  180 mm
Total Length  340 mm
Steel  Aogami #2
Handle  Black Pakka
Ferrule N/A
Rockwell 62
Height Spine to heel  50 mm
Width at Spine  2.5 mm
Weight  167 grams

Shigeki Tanaka started his blacksmith journey when he apprenticed in the Takefu knife village near Echizen city for three years. A region renowned for it's cutlery making and forging techniques he learned the intricacies of hand forging blades used for food production there. He later moved back to Miki City to continue his work at his Family's shop where they primarily made sickles and other agricultural tools. Now the shop focuses on Kitchen knives and has gained a reputation worldwide for producing some of the best knives available. 

The gyuto is an all purpose knife and is the Japanese equivalent of the western chef's knife. While they normally have a flatter profile than a western style chef's knife with more of an upturned tip meant for an improved rocking motion, this one is somewhere in between with a smooth swept belly and a good sized flat spot for chopping. The height of the blade combined with the hybrid profile makes this an incredibly versatile knife. These knives are very thin and have a high grind making them perform very well, it should be noted that this thinness will make this knife more delicate and should be used with caution. Please carefully read the care instructions found below to ensure you don't cause damage to the knife through user error. 

Knife Care (Stainless Clad)

  • This knife is made from 3 layers of steel using a technique called Sanmai (Forge welding). It involves laminating a piece of Carbon steel with two pieces of Stainless steel giving the knife all the benefits of the carbon steel (Edge retention, ease of sharpening, cutting feel) and the Ease of Maintenance from Stainless steel. 2-3 millimeters of the carbon steel is exposed at the edge of the knife and is susceptible to rust and discouloration if not properly maintained.
  • Simply Wipe the knife with a damp cloth immediately after use to keep it from rusting or discouloring.
  • Wash with regular dish soap and warm water using a none abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Never put your knife in the Dishwasher. The extreme heat will ruin the wooden handle.
  • Highly acidic ingredients (Onions, Tomatoes, Citrus) Will cause rust and oxidation to happen faster, thus the user must ensure the knife is wiped clean immediately after working with such an ingredient.
  • Should any rust form it can be removed using a rust eraser or a mixture of Baking soda and water to simply scrub it clean.
  • Avoid Bones, Frozen foods, nuts and hard candies, parmesan rinds, woody stems or anything other than fruits, vegetables and proteins.

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