Gage's Ultimate Sharpening Package

Gage's Ultimate Sharpening Package

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This Sharpening kit comes complete with everything you could possibly need to sharpen, thin, repair and polish your knives whether they are Japanese or German. Complete with a sink bridge, stone holder, leather strop, flattening tool and of course the stones; this makes for one luxurious sharpening set up and is the set up we use here at SHARP for our sharpening service. 

We've now been open for 4 years, How exciting! In these four years I've (Gage) learned so much about sharpening and whetstones. I've had a ton of time to experiment with different stones for different purposes and these four are the one's I keep coming back to for sharpening knives in that come into the shop. All of the products in this package are from different brands and you wouldn't normally find them in a kit together, but if there's anything I've learned in my time owning SHARP, it's that every brand has things they do better than others. 

All of these stones require a 10-15 minute soaking in room temperature water before use with the exception of the Imanishi #6000. 

Included in this package are the following products. You can click on the links to get more information on them. 

Imanishi Pink Brick #220

Suehiro #700

Suehiro #1000

Imanishi #6000

Sink Bridge

Leather Strop 

Atoma Diamond Plate #140


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