Beginner Sharpening Kit (#1000/#6000)

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Bundle up and save! Follow the links to read more about the specific products included in this bundle : 

The Kit

This beginner kit has everything you need to get started sharpening right away! 

The Suehiro #1000/#6000 stone is a great stone to learn on! After a quick soak its ready to go, and it is more forgiving than harder stones. The #1000 side is great to start your knives and get a new edge, and the #6000 side will take that edge from sharp to hair popping! While this is a great stone to maintain your knives once, if your knives are damaged or severely dull, #1000 may not be adequate to remove enough material to cut an edge back in, and you should consider adding a lower grit stone to the kit or having it professionally sharpened/repaired, and then stay on top of it moving forward!

The Naniwa Truing Stone is to be used to make sure your stone is flat which is a very important step to properly sharpening a knife. If your stone isn't flat you'll never get a proper, consistent edge. We recommend using the truing stone between every knife you sharpen. It's important to keep in mind that this truing stone is made of a ceramic abrasive similar to the stone you'll be flattening and if you let your stone go too far, this tool will no longer be helpful, so stay on top of you stones!

The leather strop will be your final stop, and take your edge from sharp, to scary. It can also be used as a maintenance tool, and extend the life of your knife or tools edge. When the strop is no longer effective its time to transition to a ceramic honing rod, and when that stops being effective its time to hit the stones again!

For guidance on sharpening feel free to check out our free videos on Youtube :

SHARP Youtube Channel

Or sign up for an in store sharpening class!

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