Begginer Sharpening Kit

Begginer Sharpening Kit

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This set will include everything you'll need to get started on your sharpening journey!

Each set will include:

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A Suehiro 1000/6000 grit whetstone. The 1000 side will be great to get your edges back in shape and the 6000 will polish them up into a hair popping edge.

A Naniwa Truing Stone. This is to be used to make sure your stone is flat which is a very important step to properly sharpening a knife. If your stone isn't flat you'll never get a proper, consistent edge. We recommend using the truing stone between every knife you sharpen. It's important to keep in mind that this truing stone is made of a ceramic abrasive similar to the stone you'll be flattening and if you let your stone go too far, this tool will no longer be helpful, so stay on top of you stones!

A Leather Strop. This is the hands down the best tool to finish refining your edge on. Not only will a leather strop take your edge from sharper to sharpest, it will also help smooth out any inconsistencies left from uneven hand pressure on your last stone and give the length of the edge a beautiful shine. 

Due to a shortage from our supplier we made these strops in house. While they are completely functional we are not happy enough with our fit and finish to sell these so they are being thrown in free on top of the discounted bundle!

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