Ceramic Honing Rod (50% OFF with any Knife)

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Simply add the Ceramic honing rod and knife of your choice to your cart and the 50% discount will be automatically applied. (discount does not apply to honing rods purchased with higonokami)

Much better for you knives than the traditional steel honing rod. This ceramic honing rod will prolong the life of your knife and help you cut down on trips to the stones. Use the white, black and a leather strop together and you'll have quite the edge retention system in place! The difference between the white and black aside from colour is the grit of the rod. Both are quite fine but the black rod is a finer grit than the white rod and will therefore remain effective for longer and is best for general prep. The black rod is great for when you plan to use your knife for more delicate tasks like slicing raw fish. 

Product Dimensions : 

Handle Length : 5.25 inches 

Length of Ceramic Rod : 10.75 inches 

Weight: 8.4 ounces (238 Grams)

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