De Buyer PRIMA MATERA Copper Frying Pan

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For almost 200 years, authenticity, passion and commitment have been the values at the core of de Buyer's business, knowledge and expertise. As the original carbon steel producers, we hold ourselves to a standard unlike anyone else.

Prima Matera combines the elegance and heat conductivity of copper with a clean stainless steel interior. The copper provides rapid heat conductivity and responsiveness, while the stainless steel protects your food from the elements of the copper. With its precise heat control, it is the perfect vessel for reducing delicate sauces. The rapid heating makes it ideal for searing.

* Ergonomic cast stainless steel handle
* Professional quality 
* Exceptional heat distribution
* Handmade in France
* 90% copper 10% Stainless Steel
* Diameter: 8" / 9.5"
* Capacity: 1.9qt / 3.2qt
* 2mm thick
* Weight: 3.3lbs / 4.6lbs

* Perfect for simmering, reducing, flambéing
* Oven-safe
* Handwash recommended 
* de Buyers' copper cleaner recommended for copper exterior
*Does not work with induction cook-tops, Gas or electric stove tops only. 

Before your first use you must:
  • Scrub down pan with hot water and soap, removing all beeswax
  • Scrub with non abrasive scrub brush to avoid damaging the pan 
  • Place on burner on low to fully dry 
  • Immediately start the seasoning process

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