Goko Hamono Gyuto 210 mm

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Product Information

Blade Length 211 mm
Total Length 352 mm
Steel Shirogami (White #1)
Handle Walnut
Ferrule Rosewood
Rockwell 61-62
Height Spine to heel 51 mm
Width at Spine 3.4 mm
Weight 168 grams
Bevel  Double (50/50)

The Blacksmith

Goko Hamono is a small family run workshop based in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, which started off as a wholesaler before turning to knife making and manufacturing. Certified as “traditional craftsman” by The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries in Japan, this small batch workshop specializes in Shirogami (white steel), clad in stainless steel, with a very rustic nashiji finish, super sharp out of the box. Made entirely in house by father son duo, Norihiko and Yoshito Yamakawa-san – these knives are 100% hand-crafted (forged, ground, and sharpened by hand) and are a joy to sharpen. The artisanal nature and pride in craftsmanship is extremely evident, in addition to being great value, handmade knives. 

The Shape

The Gyuto is the Japanese equivalent to a standard western style Chef's knife and is THE most versatile shape available. It can be used to break down fish and other animals, chop vegetables with both an up and down and rocking motion, slice cooked and raw proteins and anything else you can think of. We highly recommend this shape to anyone looking for that one go to knife they can grab with confidence for any task. 

Knife Care (Stainless Clad)

  • Never twist or torque your knife on a cutting board or in an ingredient, this WILL cause your knife to chip. Use your knife in an up and down, forward and backward cutting motion. 
  • This knife is made from 3 layers of steel using a technique called Sanmai (Forge welding). It involves laminating a piece of Carbon steel with two pieces of Stainless steel giving the knife all the benefits of the carbon steel (Edge retention, ease of sharpening, cutting feel) and the Ease of Maintenance from Stainless steel. 2-3 millimeters of the carbon steel is exposed at the edge of the knife and is susceptible to rust and discouloration if not properly maintained.
  • Simply Wipe the knife with a damp cloth immediately after use to keep it from rusting or discouloring.
  • Wash with regular dish soap and warm water using a none abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Never put your knife in the Dishwasher. The extreme heat will ruin the wooden handle.
  • Highly acidic ingredients (Onions, Tomatoes, Citrus) Will cause rust and oxidation to happen faster, thus the user must ensure the knife is wiped clean immediately after working with such an ingredient.
  • Should any rust form it can be removed using a rust eraser or a mixture of Baking soda and water to simply scrub it clean.
  • Avoid Bones, Frozen foods, nuts and hard candies or anything other than fruits, vegetables and proteins.

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