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Bundle up and save! Follow the links to read more about the specific products included in this bundle : 

The Kit

This kit is a big step up from the beginner kit in both efficiency and versatility, with all the extras you need (leather strop, stone holder, truing stone) you need to put in some work on your knives!

With the addition of a low grit you can work out micro chips in no time at all, and while the #320 isn't the first stone I'd recommend for heavy duty thinning and repairs, its always the stone I hop onto second to work out the coarse scratches left by any rougher stones before moving on.

The #1000 is what we consider to be the desert island stone, and if you can only have one this is the way to go. Coarse enough to bring a dull knife back to life with some elbow grease, yet fine enough that with proper technique and lightening off your pressure towards the end you should get a fantastic edge and even be able to shave with it! This is also the grit that we recommend finishing German steels on, as too much time spent on any higher grits can tend to burnish those steels and take away their much needed "tooth" to get you through that tomato or pepper skin!

The #3000 Ouka is one of our favorite finishing stones for both stainless and carbon steels alike. This stone cuts relatively quick and is our happy in between a super polished cutting feel, while still maintaining a bit of that tooth we talked about earlier. 

The Naniwa truing stone is a great option to keep your stones flat, but since its made of the same, albeit, coarser material it is possible to throw it out of whack if you let your stones get super dished out before attempting to flatten them. We recommend flattening you stones every 5 minutes, or between every knife!

The leather strop will be your final stop, and take your edge from sharp, to scary. It can also be used as a maintenance tool, and extend the life of your knife or tools edge. When the strop is no longer effective its time to transition to a ceramic honing rod, and when that stops being effective its time to hit the stones again!

The Naniwa stone holder is definitely a luxury. It brings you up from the table or sink bridge to allow hand clearance while sharpening and makes sure nothing slides around!

For guidance on sharpening feel free to check out our free videos on Youtube :

SHARP Youtube Channel

Or sign up for an in store sharpening class!

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