Ittetsu Black Hammer Deba 150 mm

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Product Information

Blade Length 150 mm
Total Length 290 mm
Steel Shirogami (White #2)
Handle Ho-Wood
Ferrule Black Plastic 
Rockwell 61-62
Height Spine to heel 55 mm
Width at Spine  9 mm
Weight 268 grams
Bevel  Single (Right Handed) 

The Blacksmith

Ittetsu is the shop's house brand and we've been working for a long time to find high performing, affordable knives to offer our customers. These knives offer great value and durability, as they are made very efficiently and hand sharpened. Each blade is extremely consistent and are great for industry chefs, gifts, and are a go-to for home use as well!

The Knife

The Deba is a single bevelled knife, traditionally used for fish butchery in Japan. It excels at breaking down fish and fileting. Debas are typically heavier, have a thicker spine, taller blade height, aggressive belly, and stronger at the tip and heel, with a taper towards the tip. Single bevel knives are mainly made out of carbon steel, and can be sharpened extremely sharp, therefore are preferred by professional sushi chefs. This is a task specific knife, typically ranging between 150mm and 300mm in length. 


Knife Care (Iron Clad)

  • This Knife is made from 3 layers of material; A layer of iron on each side protecting a layer of carbon steel at the core, in a process referred to as Sanmai or forge welding. Iron and carbon steel are both susceptible to rust and must be kept dry and clean at all time’s to avoid oxidation and discolouration.
  • Simply wipe the knife with a damp cloth immediately after use.
  • Wash with regular dish soap and warm water using a none abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Never put your knife in the dishwasher! The extreme heat will ruin the wooden handle.
  • Highly acidic ingredients (Onions, Tomatoes, Citrus) Will cause rust and oxidation to happen faster, thus the user must ensure the knife is wiped clean immediately after working with such an ingredient.
  • Should any rust form it can be removed using a rust eraser or a mixture of Baking soda and water to simply scrub it clean.
  • Avoid Bones, Frozen foods, nuts and hard candies or anything other than fruits, vegetables and proteins.

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