Kei Kobayashi R2 Sujihiki 270 mm

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Product Information

Blade Length 270 mm
Total Length 423 mm
Steel R2 (SG2) Powdered Steel
Handle Heptagonal Red Lacquered Pakkawood
Ferrule N/A
Rockwell 63-64
Height Spine to heel 45 mm
Width at Spine 1.9 mm
Weight 160 grams
Bevel Double (50/50)

The Blacksmith

Kei Kobayashi knives come to us from Seki, Gifu, Japan. Having trained as a sharpener and now running his own workshop, Kobayashi sans knives are true lasers, and have a distinct heptagonal (seven-sided) red lacquered wooden handle. Specializing in high powdered stainless steel, these knives come super sharp, relatively easy maintenance, with a nice, clean migaki finish!

The Knife

The word sujihiki translates to flesh slicer, and this knife does exactly that. From carving a large bird or roast for a family gathering, or slicing that perfectly grilled steak effortlessly in one stroke without sawing back and fourth losing your juices on the board. The slender blade allows it to go exactly where you want it to be while breaking down larger fish or trimming silver skin of a larger piece of meat. Also a must have for professionals working on a butchery or grill station portioning from larger cuts or slicing before final plating on the line.

Knife Care (Stainless Steel)

  • Although this knife is made from stainless steel we do still encourage our customers to keep their knives as dry and clean as possible.
  • NO DISHWASHER - the high heat will ruin the wooden handle.
  • Wash and dry by hand using regular dish soap and warm water using a none abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Ensure the knife is dry before being put away for storage and ensure the edge of the knife is protected to avoid any unnecessary dulling.
  • Avoid Bones, Frozen foods, nuts and hard candies or anything other than fruits, vegetables and proteins.

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