Chiba Quirelois Large Mandoline

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These sweet mandolins will make quick work slicing through cases and cases of veg prep, and is convenient enough to whip out for a quick batch of pickles! With adjustable thickness, and two different sets of teeth included for fine or coarse julienne, this mandolin will save you lots of time, or just help keep your cuts consistent!

Perhaps the coolest part of this mandolin is the finger guard that fits right over the side of the mandoline when things get close to the blade! Remember to be careful when using your mandolin and always use the guard, your fingertips are worth more than the last centimeter of carrot, we promise!


Dimensions: 350 (L) X 145 (W) X 28 (H) mm (13.8 X 5.7 X 1.1”)

Maximum width of usage area/cut width: 120mm.

Maximum cut thickness : 3mm

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