Naniwa Professional Chosera #10,000

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The Naniwa Professional line (previously known as the Chosera line) are super hard splash and go stones. These stones are slow wearing, fast cutting and HARD. They have a higher amount of abrasives and less binder than other lines from Naniwa, and are one of the best lines of stones money can buy in our opinion!

This 10,000 grit stone may be a bit excessive for everyday board knives, but are fantastic to polish your bevels up to a near mirror, or be your final synth step before moving onto natural stones. As for edges, you'll see the biggest benefit from stones in this range on razors or slicers if you're working with raw proteins like fish at a high level and need to touch up your edge frequently to maintain those smooth, glassy cuts!

Dimensions : 210mmx70mmx20mm

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