Ryusen Hamono Blazen Nakiri + Petty Combo

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Bundle up and save! Follow the links below for more specs on the individual products included in this combo :

Ryusen Hamono Blazen Petty

Ryusen Hamono Blazen Nakiri

Ryusen Hamono

Ryusen Hamono is another fantastic maker working out of the Echizen City Area. They fully embrace the tradition of the region and take great pride in every step of the knife making process. They produce knives with excellent fit & finish,  and sharpness that are absolutely beautiful to look at and hold. Winners of numerous design awards and supporters of the Japanese national team at the Bocuse D'or their knives are popular with professional chef's and home cooks alike. 

The Knives

The Blazen line from Ryusen Hamono have the same level of fit and finish you can expect on all of their knives, top notch! Where this line differentiates itself from their other lines is the incredibly thin grinds on these knives. While they lean more towards the delicate side of things, they put performance first and are some of the best cutters in the shop. With a classic Ryusen contoured handle, R2 (SG2) stainless steel, and a gentle tsuchime to the hira of the blades, these understated knives are some of our favorites!

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