Ryusen Hamono Fukaku-ryu 2 Piece Combo

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Bundle up and save! Follow the links to find more specs on the individual products in this combo :

Ryusen Hamono Fukaku-ryu 210mm Kiritsuke Gyuto

Ryusen Hamono Fukaku-ryu 135mm Petty

The Blacksmith 

Ryusen Hamono is another fantastic maker working out of Echizen City. They fully embrace the tradition of the region and take great pride in every step of the knife making process. They produce knives with excellent fit & finish,  and sharpness that are absolutely beautiful to look at and hold. Winners of numerous design awards and supporters of the Japanese national team at the Bocuse D'or their knives are popular with professional chef's and home cooks alike.

The Knife

From The Ryusen Hamono Website...

"— Fine product with the warmth of natural wood, functionality and grace —
This Japanese modern kitchen knife combining a blade where beautiful patterns stand out with a Japanese-style octagonal handle is also a popular model in overseas countries.
High-quality ATS314 steel, which provides amazing sharpness and is commonly used for knives, barber/hairdressing scissors and other cutting tools, is used for the blade core. The blade is made of this core ATS314 steel and 63-layer stainless steel sandwiching the core, and was forged with the traditional Ryusen forging technique. It is a top-end blade achieving long-lasting sharpness and an elegant design.
The octagonal Japanese-style handle is made of curly maple, characterized by its natural color tone, providing a gentle texture and grip. Octagonal handles have long been popular not only because the number eight is considered lucky in Japan, but also they are easy to grip.

The elegant and warm feel and design provided by the natural wood come to fit the user's hand neatly with long use. Since this is a refined kitchen knife with long-lasting excellent sharpness, beauty and ease of use, it is perfect not only for everyday cooking, but also as a gift for your close friends."

Knife Care (Stainless Steel)

  • Although this knife is made from stainless steel we do still encourage our customers to keep their knives as dry and clean as possible.
  • NO DISHWASHER - the high heat will ruin the wooden handle.
  • Wash and dry by hand using regular dish soap and warm water using a none abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Ensure the knife is dry before being put away for storage and ensure the edge of the knife is protected to avoid any unnecessary dulling.
  • Avoid Bones, Frozen foods, nuts and hard candies or anything other than fruits, vegetables and proteins.
  • Simply Wipe the knife with a damp cloth immediately after use to keep it from rusting or discouloring.
  • Never put your knife in the Dishwasher. The extreme heat will ruin the wooden handle.
  • Highly acidic ingredients (Onions, Tomatoes, Citrus) Will cause rust and oxidation to happen faster, thus the user must ensure the knife is wiped clean immediately after working with such an ingredient.
  • Should any rust form it can be removed using a rust eraser or a mixture of Baking soda and water to simply scrub it clean.

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