Ryusen Hamono Petty 135 mm

Blade Length 135 mm
Total Length 253 mm
Steel VG-10 Stainless
Handle Micarta 
Ferrule Welded Steel 
Rockwell 60
Height Spine to heel 26 mm
Width at Spine 2 mm
Weight 83 grams

Ryusen Hamono is another fantastic maker working out of the Takefu Knife village. They fully embrace the tradition of the region and take great pride in every step of the knife making process. They produce knives with excellent fit & finish,  and sharpness that are absolutely beautiful to look at and hold. Winners of numerous design awards and supporters of the Japanese national team at the Bocuse D'or their knives are popular with professional chef's and home cooks alike. 

The Tanganryu line features gorgeous black mircata handles with a full welded stainless steel tang, and ferrule where these knives balance. This balance point is more typical of European style cutlery so if you're interested in Japanese steel with a French/German feel these are a great option.  Equally beautiful is the Tsuchime finish and Damascus pattern made from VG-10 stainless steel providing easy maintenance. The fit and finish is as close to perfect as we've seen and no detail has been overlooked, including the packaging for those who appreciate a nice knife box! ;)

The petty knife is small but extremely versatile and an essential for any professional or home cook in our opinion. For pro's it works perfectly as a "line knife" that doesn't take up a lot of space on your station but handles most small random tasks that come up during service. For Home cooks much the same it is a great tool to leave out on the counter top during the day before breaking out a larger knife for dinner prep. They are also great knives for butchery and can handle taking apart small fish, chickens and even de-boning larger pieces of meat. 

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