Suehiro #320/1000 Combo Stone

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We Recommend this whetstone to anyone who is planning to sharpen older, dull knives. The lower grit #320 side of the stone will help to quickly and efficiently remove steel from the knife before flipping the stone over to further refine the edge of the knife with the smoother #1000 grit stone. The other combination stone at #1000/6000 grit is recommended for maintaining brand new knives that don't need as much steel removed. 
All of the whetstones sold at the shop are water stones, do not put oil on any of them, you will ruin your stone. Holding the knife at a consistent angle while sharpening is one of, if not, the most important thing to consider when sharpening; thus, maintaining a flat stone is of equal importance. Pick up a truing stone to maintain a flat stone in order to achieve the best results.

Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 25mm

For guidance on sharpening feel free to check out our free videos on Youtube :

SHARP Youtube Channel

Or sign up for an in store sharpening class!

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