Suehiro Ouka #3000

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Product Information

Material: Ceramic

Dimension: 206 x 73 x 23mm (8.11 x 2.87x 0.91")

Weight: 630g (22.2oz)

Grit: #3000


The Suehiro Ouka is a great middle grit soaking stone from the same line as the Suehiro Rika #5000.

If you already have 1000 and 5000 grit stones this may be a little redundant but can be a great bridge to go between something like a 700 or 1000 to an 8000 for edge work or a fantastic stone to finish your knives on to maintain some tooth. We also feel that this is a perfect stone to touch up an edge when a full sharpening progression isn't needed.

For bevel work we've found the Ouka to feel very similar to the Rika,soft and very smooth with a good amount of mud. The stone cuts quickly and  can provide a nice contrast between your cladding and core steel.

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